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Driveway Replacement In Detroit, Mi

When your driveway is beginning to show its age and need some serious repair or replacement, turn to Elite Concrete Detroit. This local company has over 25 years of experience in both asphalt and concrete paving expertise. We offer the best driveway replacement service in the Detroit area with a wide variety of looks and finishes, from an authentic flagstone design to a trendy urbanite look.

Elite Concrete Detroit offers numerous durable paving options for the most popular designs.

Flagstone is economical and creates a very natural look, making your driveway a focal point for your property. Flagstone is a very popular driveway replacement option because of its size–five to ten inches thick, and its natural color blends with the surrounding landscape.

Larger paving stones can be used in driveway replacement projects to create a more impressive look, especially in driveways that are twenty feet or longer. Random stone sizes create a more interesting and textured look, which works well with the eclectic tastes of today’s homeowners.
Asphalt is the most popular driveway replacement option because it is affordable and looks like real stone, pavers. Asphalt is installed directly on the existing concrete, which means no additional prep work for paving stones. Regardless of the size of your driveway, we can install as many paving stones as necessary to match your existing width. If in doubt about the look of your driveway, call Elite Concrete Detroit for help. We can guide you through the options to find just the right look for you. You’ll be amazed at what looks like real stone at such an affordable price! Asphalt also lasts longer than any other driveway replacement option and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without cracking or peeling. With as little as five years of adequate care, you’ll be enjoying a new asphalt driveway every time you stop by for a visit! Asphalt finish options include plain surfaced asphalt, stamped concrete, and hand-cut and custom-colored designs to mimic real stone. The stamps come in a variety of styles and colors, from large graining stones like flagstone to smaller random sizes for a more natural look of stone pavers. Stamped asphalt also comes in a smoother finish to emulate real cobblestone or slate. With our experience installing asphalt for customers in Michigan, we can create any finish you desire for your new driveway, from a smooth and elegant style to a rustic and rugged look.

How does driveway replacement work?

For driveway replacement, the existing asphalt driveway is marked and cut into sections. Next, a fresh coat of concrete is applied and allowed to dry. Paving stones are then strategically placed over the surface of your driveway. Once the paver sections are in place and the surface is completely covered, they can be adjusted and added to create any size or shape of paving you desire. Our skilled craftsmen make paver shapes from hand-cut and custom-colored stones to accurately mimic flagstone, cobblestone, or slate. With our decades of experience, we can create any natural stone pattern or design you want.
Once the entire area is paved with paver stones, we roll on a durable surface sealer to protect the newly poured concrete from moisture and weather damage. The sealer offers two key components for a long-lasting paver driveway replacement– UV protection for the color in both asphalt and concrete, and an anti-slip finish for safety when it rains or snows. A final step is to hand-cut and custom-color your chosen design to add that personal touch you’ve been looking for. From subtle to bold, we have the look you’ve been wanting!

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I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on the removal and replacement of my outdated driveway. Kevin and his crew led me through each step and worked quickly to complete the job. They moved piles of dirt with ease and left the job site immaculate. The finished product far exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend this professional company for any concrete projects. Thank you Kevin!

Venese B

Went with a less comprehensive bid and happy with the results. The workmanship was perfect and customer service was impeccable, on target and impeccable. Would definitely use them in the future and would recommend to family, friends and neighbors. Top of the line professional concrete company, nice local business. 

Tevon C

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