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Concrete Footing In Detroit, Mi

Concrete footing is an important service offered by Elite Concrete Detroit. It is an important element in the construction of a building or structure which can be damaged by the weight of concrete. If a building is built improperly and the concrete is not poured into the proper location, then the building can begin to lift or rise in the middle, causing it’s foundations to become unstable and to deteriorate. This also causes problems with utility lines, gas, oil and water lines.

After the stable base layer of concrete has been poured, then a layer of gravel can be added over it to help support the weight of the other material added to it. This process is called “pouring on the gravel”. Once these two layers have been poured, then a compact layer of sand can be added over the top of them to help compact them and make them stronger. These layers will then be covered with a layer of plaster or drywall to seal them and protect them from outside elements that could harm them. The finished structure will then be ready for concrete to be poured around it. This process almost completely eliminates any possibility of damage to your structure. We can also add a decorative overlay of facing material to build a more attractive appearance to your structure.

What is concrete footing?

Concrete footing is the process of pouring concrete over a gravel base. This process can be done to repair any type of damage to your concrete. It can also be used as a method of adding strength to an existing concrete slab. Before you pour concrete on top of your existing concrete, it is important for you to understand what concrete footing is and how it works.

Why use Concrete Footing?

Concrete footing is a great way to repair existing concrete. If your concrete has suffered from major damage, such as from freezing temperatures, then you can use concrete footing to completely repair your slab and prevent further damage. If your concrete slab suffers from cracks that run deep through it, or if it has divots in it that are too large, then you can use concrete footing to repair all of those issues and more.

How does our Concrete Footing Services differ from other Concrete companies?

While all concrete companies work with the same equipment and formulas to pour the concrete, there are some small differences in the way that each company operates. Each company has their own proprietary methods of mixing, casting and curing the concrete. Some companies use water for the mixing, some companies use cement and others use sand. These small differences can make a huge difference in the end product. It is important for you to understand these subtle differences before you choose your particular concrete company.

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